Our Goalkeeper Training Sessions are available to both individuals and small groups. Our staff is available to train the player who is looking to become a better all around goalkeeper as well as teams or programs looking to get their goalkeepers more position specific training. Topics focused on include, but are not limited to, positioning, fitness, hands, communication, angles, awareness, distribution, etc. We provide opportunities for players who want to get better the resources to achieve those goals. We also provide opportunities for goalkeepers looking to get noticed for the next level the chance to be seen by college coaches at college combines as well as goalkeeper specific combines.

Top Flight Fitness & Strength Training is a very unique opportunity to work with a highly skilled and motivated set of instructors and coaches that will help you physically prepare for competition. With programs designed to help you faster, stronger and more balanced we can create a custom program that will help you excel in your specific sport. These programs can be requested individually or you can join one of our group sessions. Having someone who knows what it takes to take a players game to the next level, guide a player and push a player is what every great player has had at some point in their life. Let Top Flight be the support that you need.

Top Flight College Combines are here to help players who know they want to play in college get noticed by college coaches. In our combines players register as an individual. Waiting for a team to agree to join is not a hurdle here. Players are given the opportunity to showcase the player that a potential coach may get. With small-sided and regular formats players are able to show exactly what they can bring to a college program. College coaches are given the opportunity to see players play along side other players they have never played with before, just like when a new player joins a new team. Both players and coaches who attend accomplish all of this in one day without committing unnecessary time or resources to an evaluation that, if done effectively and efficiently, does not need to take more than what we provide.

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