Top Flight Team Camps are available to help teams train, grow and succeed. We offer programs to teams and programs looking to take advantage of a week long training format to help their team improve. We offer the opportunity for coaches to sit down with our directors to discuss the goals they wish to accomplish during their camp. Camps are typically available during the summer with hours that are convenient for parents as well as players. A typical camp will run Monday through Friday from 5:30pm until 7:30pm. Other accommodations can be made after discussions with our Directors. Our Top Flight Team Camps have a track record of success for high school players and teams as they prepare to enter into their upcoming season. Do not be left behind when our coaches can help prepare your incoming freshman, speed up your evaluation process and allow you to hit the ground running when its time for that first whistle to blow for the start of the season.

Top Flight Team Training Sessions are available to help in a variety of ways. We can help offer some insight in areas where a team may be struggling. We offer the opportunity for players to simply hear coaching from a different voice. We all know that players can check-out or become disinterested and a change of pace can be priceless. Let our experienced coaches come in to one of your practices at your field to run a session in an area that the coaching staff wishes their team be trained.

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